What makes us different?

What Makes 4 Paws Different?

Why chose us for you pet's Veterinary Care?


Deciding on who to trust with your pet's care is a hard decision that should not be taken lightly.  We encourage owners to research where they are going to bring there pet, and choose a Veterinarian and Veterinary Animal Hospital based on what they are looking for in a partner for their pet's lifelong care. We know we may not be the best choice for every person and pet, but we also know that we will tailor our care to you and your pet's needs.  

We would like to share one of the many ways we are different.

Did you know that they average scheduled Veterinary Visit is 15-20 minutes?  We believe that we are unable to complete all of what we need to do for you and your pet in this amount of time.  At 4 Paws we choose to schedule 30 minute extended office visits for every patient because it takes time to build relationships.  It may not sound like much, but that extra 10-15 minutes is very important to your pet's comfort, as well as giving us enough time to spend with you and your pet.  Many times we only see you and your pet once a year, and there is a lot to discuss in that amount of time.  

Our unique 30 minute extended appointments are a benefit for the following reasons:

  1. This gives each pet time to acclimate to their surroundings before a Veterinarian or Technician is in  their personal space.
  2. The Feliway Spray we use for each cat visit has time to have its calming effect on cats to make their visit here a positive experience.
  3. Dogs and cats are approached at the pace that is comfortable for them, and we don't rush them. Our compassionate, dedicated team makes time to build a relationship and many of our patients get excited for a repeat visit to see us!
  4. The Veterinarian and Technician have enough time to hear all about your pet's lifestyle so they may create a medical plan based on their individual needs.
  5. You as a client have time to express any concerns, ask questions and give feedback to our staff.
  6. Our staff has ample time to answer questions, give information, and most of all win your pet's trust.

Each client and pet that visits us at 4 Paws is an extension of our family; it takes time to build a relationship, and we owe you both more than a rushed 15 minute appointment. Stop in anytime to say hello, you will right away see how we are different.

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