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Caley C.


Ever since Caley was little, she had an absolute infatuation with wild life. Whether she was saving newts off the road after a heavy rain, honing her guinea pig communication skills, or exploring the creeks with her family's watch dog, Rolex, animals always brought love and joy into her life. 

Caley was a step-fur mom for many years and a fur-sitter for her numerous loved-ones babies. After 11 years in Charlotte, NC, Caley returned home to NY to be closer to family and the country lifestyle. Upon returning to NY, she also found the promise and solace of a rewarding career by helping and looking afterother people's pets when she joined the 4 Paws family in 2020. The 4 Paws fluffers bring joy to Caley's daily life until perhaps the time comes when she'll settle down with her own fluff-mcguff. One thing Caley knows for certain is "unconditional love is an absolute gift and should never be taken advantage of". 

In her spare time, you can find Caley drawing, painting, writing, spending time outside, and avoiding humans.