4 Paws Animal Hospital

4 Paws Animal Hospital is a full-service small animal veterinary medical facility located in Wynantskill in North Greenbush, NY. The goal of our professional and courteous staff is to practice the highest quality medicine and surgery with compassion and with an emphasis on client education. We understand the special role your pet plays in your family and we are dedicated to becoming your partner in your pet's health care.

Our entire staff is committed to providing personal attention to the unique concerns of each individual pet owner. In addition to their professionalism, you will also find this motivated, energetic team to be warm, inviting, sharing a laugh and always looking to help you provide the best life for your pet. Our services are designed to assist in routine preventive care for young, healthy pets; early detection and treatment of disease as your pet ages; and complete medical and surgical care as necessary during his or her lifetime.

"Committed to Complete and Thorough Medicine, Consistent Client Education, and Endless Compassion to assure the best quality of life for your pet."

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  • Dr. Lisa M. Wiggins, owner veterinarian

    Dr. Lisa M. Wiggins, owner veterinarian

    Dr. Wiggins moved here from Tennessee in 2002 a couple of years after graduating from the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine.  She worked for a large local practice for many years prior to purchasing her own practice.  One of her medical interests and expertise involves allergies and how they cause systemic disease.  She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) as well as the state and local veterinary associations.  She has a great cat, Stanley that enjoys spending time lounging in the cat condo room in the window or in his ourdoor enclosure watching the birds fly by.  The love of her life is pictured here and was a tricolor King Charles Cavalier named Freckles who went to the Rainbow bridge in August 2011.  (If you ask the staff, they would say he was the real owner of 4 Paws Animal Hospital!)  She spends her free time enjoying hobbies such as sailing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, cooking, gardening, and going to the ocean as often as possible.

  • Dr. Maritza Batista, associate veterinarian

    Dr. Maritza Batista, associate veterinarian

    Dr. Batista was born in Albany but has lived all around NYS during her lifetime.  She received an undergraduate degree from the University of New Hampshire.  Before attending Ross University, School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Batista spent time on the west coast living in San Diego, CA for five years.  While in veterinary school, she travelled to Central America on volunteer missions performing spays and neuters and assisting in vaccination clinics for pet owners in need.  Upon obtaining her DVM, she relocated back to the capital region to practice veterinary medicine.  She has acquired 2 cats in her travels, Kema and Cesar.  Rounding out the furry crew is an island mutt ("Kittian Cocomut Retriever"), Dante who is pictured here.  Professionally, Dr. Batista is particularly interested in orthopedics and neurology.  Her hobbies include knitting/crocheting, long road trips and watching Oscar contenders every year.

  • Liz Knauer, L.V.T.

    Liz Knauer, L.V.T.

    Liz and her family have lived on the same plot of land that her ancestors purchased when they first immigrated from Germany in the 1800s right here in Wynantskill.  Growing up with horses and helping around farms she was exposed to animal husbandry at a young age.  By providing a voice for those that have none, Liz loved trying to improve their lives and the people that care for them.  Once graduating high school Liz attended SUNY Delhi and received an associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology.  As part of the 4 Paws team she is team leader of surgery and inpatients.  Liz is responsible for performing dental prophys as well as regular technician assignments such as diagnostics and phlebotomy. 
    Liz’s furry family includes Dakota a shepherd/husky mix who is known for her cool tricks (check her out on our Facebook page).  She also has a retired police horse Blue and Logan a rescued thoroughbred.  Outside of the hospital Liz enjoys horseback riding, golfing, cooking and trying new recipes.  She also likes checking out the latest movies.

  • Meagan Haberland, Veterinary Technician

    Meagan Haberland, Veterinary Technician

    Growing up in Schodack, Meagan had an interest in both large and small animals since childhood. When she was younger, she lived on a horse farm, learning how to care for and show horses. As a member of 4H she competed in various competitions such as western pleasure, driving pleasure and hand showmanship. 
    Starting at age 15, Meagan began working at local veterinary hospitals as a kennel assistant. After moving to North Carolina for a few years, she began working as a veterinary assistant and fell in love with it. When in North Carolina, she began training as a veterinary technician. As part of the 4 Paws team, she is responsibile for the iVet food program, pharmacy and for managing the medications dispensed to each pet. In addition, she is responsible for assisting doctors in diagnostic procedures and treatment plans and ensuring quality patient care. Meagan has one older brother who is her best friend and has three sisters. Her furry family consists of a rescued Haflinger pony named Champayne. He is trained in Western pleasure and driving pleasure. Bella, a 12 year old shih tzu/Pomeranian mix, enjoys coming with her to 4 Paws everyday to lounge on her back waiting for belly rubs. She has a 5 year old domestic shorthair Ranger who is a big snuggler and seems to think he is human! Outside of work Meagan enjoys horseback riding, fishing, hiking and spending time helping with horses on the farm where she lives. She is also currently in training to join CART (County Animal Rescue Team). 

  • Jen Gilbert, Veterinary Technician

    Jen Gilbert, Veterinary Technician

    Jen grew up in Red Hook, NY with her parents and little brother.  Throughout her childhood she had a variety of pets from rabbits, lizards, birds to dogs, cats and everything in between.  She enjoyed being outside and discovering what nature had to offer.  Being surrounded by so many different animals, Jen knew she wanted to work within the veterinary profession from around the age of five.  She always looked at the world around her with wonder and respect.  Making a difference in animals’ lives by providing them with care and love when they may not receive it otherwise has been her main motivation. 
    In high school, Jen’s first job was as an assistant in a veterinary hospital.  After graduation she attended SUNY Ulster and completed the AVMA accredited veterinary technician program in December 2006.  Since then she has practiced as an RVT in California while living there for several years.  Since being back in NY she continued working in humane societies and hospitals before the work led her to the inviting doors of 4 Paws and becoming an important member of the team. 
    At 4 Paws Jen is an essential part of our team ensuring that the treatment and hospital area runs smoothly, everything from the laboratory and diagnostics to assuring our inpatients are monitored and cared for during their stay.  Jen also assists the doctors and other technicians with diagnostic and treatment plans. 
    Currently Jen lives with her boyfriend Jeremy who works as a NYS laborer in construction while fishing and cooking in his spare time.  She has a daughter, Kaydence, who is 2 ½ years old and the absolute joy of her life.  Kaydence adores dolls, puzzles and books.  Jeremy’s daughter, Jasmine is 5 years old and also lives with them.  Jen enjoys watching her favorite movie Coraline and picking wildflowers.  When it comes to the furry family there is Blue, a redbone coonhound, who loves running and chewing on his favorite bones although sometimes he gets into trouble by getting into the trash!  Ethos, a domestic shorthair, loves belly rubs and getting attention by joining the humans in the bathroom.  To round off the bunch are 4 chickens that provide the family with fresh eggs.  Outside of 4 Paws Jen likes to listen to music, dance and spend quality time with her family.  She also enjoys adding to her collections of elephants.   
  • Cindy Atwater, Patient Care Coordinator

    Cindy Atwater, Patient Care Coordinator

    Cindy’s passion for animals started when she was a little girl.  It started with abandoned bunnies, chipmunks etc... eventually leading to puppies and kittens.  Cindy grew up in Clifton Park, with a pet chipmunk appropriately named Chip and a cat named Simba.
    During high school, she worked as a kennel assistant at a local animal hospital where she really got interested in veterinary medicine. From kennel assistant, she worked her way to veterinary assistant and eventually found her home at the front desk.  Cindy has worked at other veterinary hospitals in the area, but 4 Paws is by far her favorite!
    As patient care coordinator, Cindy schedules appointments and surgeries for patients, answers phone calls, prepares patient charts for upcoming appointments and assist the technicians when needed.  Cindy also performs duties as quality control officer such as hiring, employee schedules, payroll, ordering of supplies, as well as various others responsibilities.
    Cindy currently lives in Grafton with her husband Nathan, and together they provide a loving home to their three dogs: Gretchen, a 2 year old blue tick coon hound, Bruce, a 12 year old Boston terrier and Lucy, a 5 year old Boston terrier. In her free time, Cindy likes to cook, travel with her husband, spend time with her family and as any woman, she loves to shop.  She also enjoys fostering/rescuing abandoned newborn kittens and puppies.

  • Janelle Bulan, Patient Care Coordinator

    Janelle Bulan, Patient Care Coordinator

    At an early age Janelle had a need to have animals around her.  She was always bringing home animals in need of help.  One day she brought home a baby squirrel that she named Brisbee.  She raised him until he eventually went back to the wild on his own.  Now she is a mother of two children and married to a wonderful man that allows her to fulfill her need to have animals with her own mini farm full of Horses, Chickens, Cats and Dogs.  In Janelle's spare time, she loves to volunteer at Equine Advocates Equine Sanctuary and to spend time with her furry and non-furry family.  Her lifelong dream has been to work with animals and working at 4 Paws Animal Hospital is giving her that opportunity to fulfill that dream.

  • Danielle Harbeck, Veterinary Assistant

    Danielle Harbeck, Veterinary Assistant

    Danielle always had pets in the house while growing up in Arizona.  Her mother, sister and brother were all in the pet care industry so you could say it is in her blood.  Prior to living in NY the past 6 years, Danielle also lived in Iowa for 5 years.  In Arizona Danielle got her first job as a kennel attendant and moved up within that kennel to an assistant manager position.  She began working at a veterinary hospital every other Saturday and realized that was her true calling. 
    As a veterinary assistant Danielle is responsible for caring for patients in hospital as well as assisting doctors and technicians with various procedures.  She assists doctors in exam rooms with evaluations and also with diagnostic plans and treatments.
    Danielle’s family consists of her 10 year old daughter Breanna and a cat named Dapps.  Breanna is involved with arts and crafts.  She also loves animals and hopes to work with them when she is older.  Dapps was found as a stray and quickly adjusted well to being part of the family
  • Levade, Professional Pet stylest (Groomer)

    Levade, Professional Pet stylest (Groomer)

    Levade grew up in Brooklyn, NY.  Even living in an urban setting, she was always trying to rescue animals and nurse them back to health.  Most times she was successful and was able to release them back into the wild.  Helping those that could not help themselves stirred something within Levade that stayed with her into adulthood fueling her need to work with animals.  After high school Levade attended Alfred State College for veterinary science and became the first member of her family to graduate from college.  Later she made the transition to pet stylist by attending grooming school.  Since graduating she has groomed around the capital district the past 5 years before coming to 4 Paws.  Levade’s family consists of her canine companion Taco, a feline Kitty, a turtle named Doug and 2 newly acquired bearded dragons Big Boy and Titan.  When not surrounded by flying fur and shampoo Levade enjoys horse backriding.  One day she would like to own a horse ranch.   
  • Amanda, Professional Pet stylist (Groomer):

    Amanda, Professional Pet stylist (Groomer):

  • Lori Winslow, Kennel Care Giver

    Lori Winslow, Kennel Care Giver

    Lori was a client for many years always asking if help was needed.  In 2000 her dream came true and she was hired to care for clinics animals in the morning before she went to her job at RPI.  Lori was hired as a kennel assistant and receptionist.    She helped care and comfort the sick and spent much time coaxing them to eat.  Her love of animals and her special bond with each one is very rewarding for her.  Animals are at ease with her and her with them.  Lori works well even with nervous and anxious animals.  She says that even a challenging pet needs love and she loves challenges and being able to win them over is her greatest reward.  Patience and perseverance and allowing the animal time to adjust is her formula.   If asked who she loves the most, she says everyone she cares for.  Lori is patient, caring and spends a lot of time with each boarder when they are here.  If you listen closely you will often hear her say to each boarder "be good now and Lori will see you tomorrow and Lori loves you" as she assures that they are taken care of before she leaves for the day.  She makes a point to know each pet's likes and dislikes and leaves notes to inform the rest of the staff.  Lori will not rest until each and every boarder seems content and satisfied and comfortable away from home.  She and her father learned sign language together and even trained her deaf dog with sign language until he became blind. She then resorted to signing the language on his body and it worked well.  He knew what she was "saying" just by her touch.  She finds what she does so rewarding.